Complexity in Project Management

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COMPLEXITY IN PROJECT MANAGEMENT Ever since the concept of management was studied and introduced, research has been going on to improve ways in order to make the work more efficient and effective. The past failure or success in any particular assignment is used as an input to develop a new approach for the leaders which would help them in decision making and produce positive results. Despite efforts to improve the ways of project management, the success rate has not significantly changed over a period of time. In that case there is a need to understand why projects fail. The underlying reason behind is the tendency of humans to react to a particular situation that would bring an entire shift in the work being carried out. Much emphasis is now given within the organizations to improve leadership skills, the paper A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making presents a simplified approach to leaders to handle the situations more effectively. Large organizations happen to be more complex by virtue of their diversity in the field of work, for example Airbus (EADS) has a complex process for managing the overall organization and their thousands of suppliers during the manufacturing of A380 aircraft. IBM has a multi-dimensions matrix structure so that it can provide coordinated services to its clients. Lack of management within these organizational structures create problems and can lead to catastrophic failures. In such large complex organizations, conflicts are always present and
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