Compliance Among Pre Schooled Children

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The study was important since it investigated the level of compliance among pre-schooled children. Compliance is a critical aspect that allows children to understand, follow and synthesize the instructions given to them by their teachers. Previous studies show that non-compliance is prevalent among children who are of pre-school age. Therefore, there is need to understand the prevalence of non-compliance among pre-schooled children to foster earlier interventions to enhance compliance. Children who begin their schooling with higher levels of noncompliance might not perform better in their academics since they have higher chances of neglecting instructions from their teachers. For this reason, enhancing compliance is a major concern for…show more content…
Researchers applied the use of antecedent variables alongside three-step prompting processes to ensure that their research can be reliable. The use of integrity treatment procedures for children who expressed higher non-compliance and reducing the level of such treatment by 20% to show variations in compliance was used to enhance the validity of the proposed interventions that the researchers applied in this study. Treatment integrity as an independent variable was used to determine whether or not non-compliant children would achieve and sustain a positive level of compliance after higher levels of interventions are applied to enhance compliance among pre-schoolers. The independent Variables included proximity, physical contact, eye contact, play interruptions, vocal attention, and position. These independent variables were applied to four selected children and applied to them on different occasions. Applications of these intervention procedures yielded a result of improvement in compliance among the children investigated. Likewise, the interplay between three-step prompting exercise and treatment integrity were measured to determine the actual levels of compliance among the selected children. The process of including three step promoting process was to enhance the ability of the selected children to master
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