Compliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

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Compliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Compliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Commitment To Compliance Standards of Conduct Riordan Manufacturing Company promotes adherence to the compliance plan as a key element in the evaluation of performance of all the officers of the business entity. Employees of Riordan Manufacturing are bound to comply, in all official acts and obligations, with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, standards of conduct within but not limited to laws and directives of the Federal Government and rules and policies of the company (Heider, 2006). All people seeking employment shall undergo reasonable and vital investigation process. There will be application of due care during recruitment practices to ensure that the individuals seeking to serve within the company have the required level of qualifications. The due care would look into the criminal records, prior employment, and credentials to enable the individuals succeed in their new positions. All recruits will obtain effective and efficient orientation in compliance with policies and procedures. Participation or involvement in required training is mandatory hence a condition of employment. Failure to take part in the training program would result into extensive measures against the employ such as termination of the employment contract and excessive fines. Employees of the company have the responsibility of signing a statement to show that they have received, read, and understood
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