Compliance and Governance

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Compliance Improvement Shared governance is important to compliance in order to keep all staff accountable for compliance measures. Shared governance is an organizational model that gives all management and staff control over their actions and practices and extends the influence of administrative areas (Hess, 2004). Giving all managers a voice can help improve governance compliance and operations by promoting teamwork and accountability among staff throughout the entire organization. Structure is vital in shared governance where expertise and knowledge serve as guides to actions. It requires a commitment to the organizational mission and the profession of the organization. The practices must be structured within the rules of the employer and the laws that govern the industry. It also requires consistency in definitions, standardization, and the design of the governance with regular evaluations of performance levels. The right mix of resources needs to be available to each manager, such as decisions on hiring practices and setting goals as well as the ability to negotiate conflicts as they arise. Having the right mix of resources gives managers the ability to ensure that the job gets done under the governance framework. Where managers are controllers over their own departments, they know more about the needs of the department in order to ensure the entire department operates inside the governance framework and strives toward the mission of the company. Shared
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