Complicated Grief By Hannah Gibbons And Lawanda Trull Essay

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April 30, 2012
Complicated Grief
By Hannah Gibbons and LaWanda Trull
What is Complicated Grief?
Complicated Grief is an intense and long lasting form of grief that takes over a person’s life. Experiencing grief is natural, but complicated grief is a form of grief that takes hold of a person’s mind and will not let go. For most people, grief never completely goes, but over time, healing diminishes the pain of a loss.
Thoughts and memories of a loved one are deeply interwoven into a person’s mind, defining their history. Missing deceased loved ones may be an ongoing part of the lives of bereaved people, but it should not interrupt life activities. However, this is exactly what happens when someone is suffering from complicated grief.
The term “complicated” refers to factors that interfere with the natural healing process. These factors might be related to characteristics of the bereaved person and to the nature of the relationship with the deceased person, the circumstances of the death, or to things that occurred after the death. People with complicated grief know their loved one is gone, but they just cannot believe it. They say they feel that time is moving on but they are not. They often have strong feelings of longing for the person that died that do not seem to lessen as time goes on. Thoughts, images, or memories of the deceased person frequently fill their mind, capturing their attention. They may have strong feelings of bitterness or anger related to

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