Complications Of The Transcontinental Railroad

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Do you ever wonder what make our country so great? What events lead up to what we are today? The United States has many different ups and downs but one has an upside and a downside. I’m talking about the Transcontinental Railroad. The Transcontinental Railroad was the first railway to go across the country. One of the complications of the railroad was that the government forcefully moved the Native Americans to reservations. Ways they got natives to go to the reservations was though taking their land,killing buffalo,and forcefully taking them. To the settlers manifest destiny was more important than Indian lives. They took Native land to make to make what they thought was more important(Doc 3). By taking the Natives land they are giving them a chance at owning the land and citizenship. But many of the Native people didn’t have the money to buy the land they live on. Ways they killed buffalo was the tracks stopped them from migrating,the settlers killed them for sport,and trains hit them.The Indians kept harassing the train workers to try and get them to stop building the track so the buffalo can migrate (Doc 2). By killing buffalo the natives would starve and have no reason to stay there. But not all of the effects of the railroad are bad. Some of the good effects are people didn’t have to go around the continent to go to California. Before they had to go around the tip of Central America. Another positive is that it gave thousand of immigrants jobs, both Irish and
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