Complishments Of King Sejong

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Jaeeun Kim
Dr. Steve Chrissanthos
History 10
8 December 2017
The achievements of Great King Sejong
King Sejong the 4th king of Joseon Dynasty is well known to Koreans and in there history. He is well known not only because he was good ruler but also the fact that he had accomplished so much achievements that helped the nation to be successful even today. In today’s society he is titled Great King Sejong or King Sejong the Great, for acknowledgement of his great accomplishments which led to golden age of the early Joseon Dynasty. To many people in the world he is most notable for creation of Hangul, or Korean phonetic alphabet, however he has accomplished more than just that. His accomplishments include successful systems for the talented intellectuals, improvement in science, and creation of Hangul.
To improve his government and make his country prosperous, King Sejong created numerous adjustments and creations of systems that helped the talented intellectuals. First thing he did to change some systems in the government was the creation of “Chiphyonjon or the Jade Hall of Scholars in his palace.”1 This was the “unified single center of highest learning,” he created such facility in belief that a great nation needs wide range of knowledge to improve the lives of the citizens.1 Those talented and intelligent scholars, whom were appointed to the Jade Hall of Scholars, were appointed as “full-time masters of art to devote their energy of learning.”2 These scholars would attend
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