Complusive Gambling Essay

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Complusive Gambling

Compulsive gambling is a very addictive disease that can cost you more than its worth. So why do people become compulsive gamblers? In America 2-3% of adults are afflicted by this addiction. Four out of Five compulsive gamblers are men. Over 90% of compulsive gamblers have gambled since their mid-teens. There are many reasons why people become compulsive gamblers. Throughout my paper I will go over many types of research that have been done on this disorder and show you a variety of reasons why people subject themselves to this behavior.

Problem gamblers do not ingest, inject, or inhale substances as chemically addicted people do. Just what is it to which they become addicted? The answer to this
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An alternative model of compulsive gambling is as a heterogeneous disorder with different subtypes sharing certain characteristics. Compulsive gambling may not fit into one of the models mentioned above, but rather a mixed group with different subtypes that share certain characteristics.

Both biological and psychological factors play a role in compulsive gambling.
Pathological gambling is a chronic and progressive condition that disrupts the life of the individual and those close to him. Not only is pathological gambling associated with financial problems due to the large amounts of money spent on the activity or the loss of a job, but this disorder increases the likelihood of other emotional and psychiatric problems, and general health problems in the individual or his family (Lorenz V, Yaffee, R. 40-49). Suicide is a possible consequence of pathological gambling. Other consequences might be mood disorders, schizophrenia and some neurological conditions.

The World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the APA, classified Compulsive gambling as an impulse control disorder, because the individual becomes increasingly incapable of resisting his impulses to gamble. All the impulse control disorders share the following characteristics: difficulties to resist an impulse, desire or temptation to perform some behavior that is detrimental for the individual or others; a progressive emotional discomfort or tension before performing the act; pleasurable or

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