Components Based Software Engineering ( Cbse )

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Chapter 1 Introduction

1.1 Component Based Software Engineering
Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) means the development of software by using pre-developed software components. It may contain external as well as in-house built components. Component-based development approach develops the software systems by choosing appropriate components and then integrating them by using a well-defined architecture. Component based software engineering (CBSE) has become a modern approach of software development that provides an optimal, efficient, economic and quick software development as per user requirements.

The Need of Component Based Software Engineering
Modern software systems have become more and more large scale and complex which results in higher cost of building the systems, low productivity, and degraded system-quality. Thus need of developing a good, economical software development strategy arose.CBSE helps to deal with complexity by following a divide and conquer approach, modularising large softwares systems into smaller, reusable units called components. CBSE helps in decreasing the development cost of the systems, the time it takes to deliver to the customer, enhance the maintenance of the software and dependability on the system.

Component-Based Software Engineering Process
The Component-Based Software Engineering Process involves
a) Recognition of candidate components
b) Qualification of the interface of each component
c) Adjustment of
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