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Component Name: Component Functions: Component Image:
Keyboard A keyboard is an input device that allows you to type with a QWERTY keyboard which you then can insert texts and symbols, it also allows users to function the computer quicker by using buttons, which then is displayed on the computers monitor.
Scanner A scanner allows you to photograph an image/document (hardcopy) and it copies it onto the computer system, some scanners also act like a printer as they allow you to scan any document or image and print out a replicar of it. Printer A printer allows users to print out any document or image, it is an also known as an output device as you command the computer to print out a document which you then receive.
Projector A projector displays whatever is being shown on the computer, it is also known as an output device as it projects images onto a wall.
Hard drive A hard disk drive (often shortened to hard disk or hard drive) is a device installed into a computer. It works as mass storage for all of the data, files and programs that are saved by you or your computer. A computer can have more than one Hard Drive and these can either be Internal or External. The more hard disk drive space you have the more information/data you can store on your computer.
CPU The CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of your computer and directly affects how fast your computer can work. It controls everything and tells each component what to do. The faster/better the CPU…
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