Component's Mission Essential Functions (Mefs)

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Catastrophic incidents are uncommon, however devastating when they occur, as a result planning for this type of incident is a critical DHS responsibility. DHS will support a catastrophic incident, while making risk-management decisions of Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) or a Component’s Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) threatened by the actual incident.

Whether the incident occurs naturally such as extreme weather, massive earthquake, and/or devastating tsunami or in a man-made operating environment for example a biological or technological incident, the Nation expects that DHS will support a catastrophic incident by providing surge personnel, equipment, and facilities supporting the State. For example, following a massive earthquake and/or tsunami, multiple DHS Components may be required to provide personnel and/or helicopters support to the affected area. Similarly, during a man-made incident the operating environment will place extraordinary demands on the Department to provide substantial support from one or more Components for both response activities and mission assurance. For example, a terrorist detonation of a radiological/nuclear device in a major metropolitan area would require a tremendous effort to save lives and care
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Whether a catastrophic incident is naturally occurring or a man-made incident, it is expected that DHS will surge personnel, capabilities, and identify facilities supporting the States. It is understood that a catastrophic incident could threaten the Department’s ability to perform its Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) or a Component’s Mission Essential Functions (MEFs) due to competing resources and that risk must be
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