Components Of A Company 's Development Planning Process Essay

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Goal setting is one of four components of a company’s development planning process. A company establishes the development planning process, or career management system, as a means to retain their better employees. The development planning process may also be a motivation for all employees to improve their value to the employer. The employer may look for employees who have potential to advance up the career ladder within the company, or simply allow the employee to move to a different department that is aligned with his or her interests.
The four components of the development planning process are self-assessment, reality check, goal setting, and action planning. (Noe, 2013). The employee is responsible for assessing his or her career interests, desire for particular work environment, personality, values, strengths, and weaknesses. The employee and employer identify what skill can be developed or what weakness can realistically be improved upon. The employer communicates how the employee’s development can be utilized in the company long-term or the industry as a whole. Goal setting is establishing the employee’s point of achievement, usually referring to being promoted to a desired position, but can also refer to being in a particular work environment, or acquiring a new skill. The fourth component is to make an action plan which is a step-by-step strategy of how the goal will be achieved. The employer must provide resources to the employee so that he or she can
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