Components Of A Contract With A Parent About Babysitting Their Children

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In today 's society, people use contracts for practically everything from buying a phone from a cellular provider to buying a house. A contract is a legal agreement made between two parties who have come to accept what will and will not be done in the present or in the future. In this assignment, I will be developing a contract that discusses a scenario in which I enter into a contract with a parent about babysitting their children. Moreover, there will be a description of the elements found in a contract that make the contract valid. Moreover, the elements of a valid contract will be presented in the following order: offer/agreement, consideration, acceptance, contractual capacity, and legality First, let us observe the necessary element, offer/agreement. An offer deals with a promise or pledge to conduct or to abstain from at a future time. To create a strong offer, three elements must be present: intention, definiteness and communication. A serious, objective intention is best in deciding what would be reasonable to both parties. In addition, having definite terms can help identify the parties, subject matter, and matters of payment. Communication is a major part of a successful offer. To practice making contracts, I applied a formal contract to a babysitting job. I signed a contract where it was agreed that I would babysit children three days a week for five hours a day. During school vacation days and summer months, I also would watch them for seven hours a day. In

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