Components Of A Healthcare System

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Components of a Healthcare System Four primary components of an efficient health system are caregiving support, clinical support, logistic support, and strategic support. Caregiver support provides emphasis on those that provide direct patient care such as acute care, rehab, home care, hospice, and primary care. Individuals that provide direct patient care are generally individuals in medical services such as physicians, residents, and physician assistants and nursing services. Beyond primary care axillary staff is utilized to assist with care such as therapist (physical, speech, occupational), social services, laboratory services and imaging. Those employed in the areas are considered clinical support. Logistic support focuses on the monetary and fiscal aspect of the system by addressing cash management, supplies and training personnel. Strategic support provides marketing, governance, internal consulting, stakeholder relations that protect culture and tangible resources (pg. 5). Stakeholders are a major aspect of a health system’s excellence as their satisfaction plays a major role. Stakeholders are defined as individuals or groups with direct interest in an organizations success (pg. 5). Stakeholders can be internal or external such as buyers, workers, suppliers, regulators and owners. The largest stakeholders are customers or patients; which includes family members that are directly involved with the care of the patient. Customer satisfaction is determined by…
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