Components Of An Information System

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Saleh Abuhasharah
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Information Security
Dr. Harvey Lowy

1- components of an information system:

Information System is a complete set of software and hardware, data, people, and procedures, and networks that enable the use of information resources in the organization. There are six components of information systems and each component has its strength and weakness points, and it has its properties and its uses. And also each component of Information System has its own security requirements. A- Software:
The software component is one of the six components of information system which contains applications, operating system, and arranged command utilities. the software is argued as the hard one to be secure amongst other
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Hardware must be protected from damage or theft, such as the application of physical security, keys or locks. These restrict access to computers and interact with the hardware components of information systems. Securing the actual location is very important because if it had been entered may result in loss of information or result other unpredictable problems.

C- Data:
Data is the most important thing owned by the organization and it is the main target and objective of deliberate attacks. Database management systems are the best way to protect the data and applications from an outsider attack if they develop and implement it properly.

D- People:
In order to generate or operate any system the qualify people necessarily appear. Often the most over-looked element of the information system is the people, probably the component that most influence the success or failure of information systems.

E- Procedures:
Procedures are another important component of information system. Procedures are responsible component on the drawing process and write the instructions for accomplishing tasks. Procedures are considered as very important for the integrity of the information in the organization, because if it used by unauthorized user may threat the security of the information. Organization should give the accurate members the knowledge of procedures only on a need-to-know basis.

F- Network Is the component of IS that connect information system to each the in
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