Components Of Building A Gaming Pc

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My topic of interest this week is learning about a few components involved in building a gaming PC. I believe this is a great topic for me as my intended professional goal is to become a video game developer. Where would a professional game developer, like myself, be without a proper gaming PC. Plus, I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to share my passion.

I have owned many gaming consoles, PC’s, and Mac’s over the years. If you are a true gamer, you will already know which platform is the best for you. Gaming consoles like the PS4 or XBOX ONE, while a great source for gaming entertainment are, “cheaper because they do not have a graphics card, instead they have an APU which is the GPU and CPU combined.” (The Geeky Kids Guide, 2014) For anyone that is not aware of these two terms, a GPU is the (Graphical Processing Unit) it provides an image to the screen and a CPU is the (Central Processing Unit) or the brain of the PC. With the console, “game developers have to limit the FPS(Frames Per Second), drop the resolution and turn the graphics to ultra, ultra low.” just to allow the game to run properly. (The Geeky Kids Guide, 2014) Now here is where it becomes tough for me. I keep going back and forth between Mac’s and PC’s. After using a PC for many years and switching to a Mac I have found that Apple, hands down, knows how to make a better quality product. Apple really pays attention to detail and produces a more refined product. The down fall, in providing…
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