Components Of Good Customer Service

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Introduction In today’s market, it is important for us to take good care of our customers and show cause for potential customer to allow us to service their needs. In the small town of Morris Run, PA, ‘The Store’ offers convenience items, a dine-in and take out menu, as well as e-commerce products, including several specialty products sold at ‘The Store’. ‘The Store’s’ customer service policy outlines and includes store protocols, which employees must follow to deal with customers, in a manner which demonstrates the responsibility and competence of ‘The Store’. Also included in the customer service policy are details on the employee handbooks and continued education for employees on ‘The Store’s’ goals and vision; including additional…show more content…
Therefore, we train our staff to continue to remind our customers, and potential customers, why it would benefit them to do business with ‘The Store’. If we properly train our staff, being expeditious will, not only, keep our customers coming back, but, may even attract new customers. Excellent Listening Skills and Dealing with Difficult Customers Listening skills are most beneficial when employees are dealing with customer complaints. When we listen to our customers, we often learn things about our products and services. We also have the chance to learn more about our customers’ needs, as well as ways to improve our customers’ experience. The best way to show our customers that we have actively listened to their complaint is to validate their complaint or issue, and offer a solution. Often, employees make this decision, on their own, but we encourage them to involve the customer. Finding out what solution would best satisfy the customer helps ‘The Store’ provide better customer service. When we experience a difficult customer, we follow-up with those customers and ask for additional feedback. We want to understand what our customers are experiencing, with our products, with our customer service, and with our employees. After customer feedback is received, we also ensure to follow up with a thank you for making suggestions. Customer Service Expectations

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