Components Of Multi Core Architecture

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Multi-core architecture 1. Introduction: It 's a new trend in Computer Architecture in which, multiple processor cores are replicated in one single integrated circuit die. These cores fit in single processor socket called Chip Multi-Processor (CMP), runs in parallel enhancing the overall speed of a program in execution time. Each core has it 's own time-sliced threads executing CPU instructions just like in uniprocessor. 2. Multi-core Processors and Operating Systems: Most major Operating Systems support multi-core processors. Operating System perceives each core as separate processor. The operating system scheduler maps it 's threads and processes to different cores. 3. Advantages And Disadvantages: Shifting towards more parallelism is a trend now in Computer Architecture. Many applications are being multi-threaded. For example, each opened tab in the browser runs in different threads. Games are becoming increasingly multi-threaded. File compression programs are multi- threaded. Video encoders are multi-threaded as well. Most image processing programs are multi-threaded. So, converting to multi-core processors was a must. It increases the speed, enhance the performance and makes the clock frequency much higher. But, here we have to differentiate between two things. Using multi-core processors with multi-threaded applications, and using it in single-threaded applications. Using multi-core processors with multi-threaded applications have
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