Components Of Operating Systems Management Functions

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Here are the print screens of how I have run this program first input 1 to add data. My input was 25, 80, 10, 5, 40. When I input 20 so there would be another number waiting to go in the Que. Then I entered 2 to remove data being 25, it removed 25 but did not replace the last number 20 I have executed the code to run the program. Form what I can see it worked for the first five numbers, but when entering the next number it failed. After looking at the array within the code, I think it could be where it gets to Array 4 (array are 0 based so there would be five fields). I think that they could be bracket with square brackets. I am not sure as I have very little knowledge of programing in C Task Two Operating Systems Management Functions There are four essential operating system management functions that are employed by all operating systems. The four main operating system management functions (each of which I will be explaining) are: • Process management • Memory management • File and disk management • I/O system management • The Low Level Scheduler This deals with the decision as to which job should have access to the processor. The Low level scheduling will assign a processor to a specific task based on priority level that is ready to be worked on. The Low Level Scheduling will assign a specific component or internal processor required bandwidth and available bandwidth. The Low level scheduling determines which tasks will be addressed and in what order. These tasks have
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