Components Of Sustainable Water Resources Management Essay

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Components of Sustainable Water Resources Management  Data Base Improvement  Modelling Technology  Sustainability Criteria  Spatial Analysis Procedure  Decision Support Systems Data Base Improvement Availability of reliable data on hydro-climatic patterns, water demands, spatial and temporal characteristics of surface water and sub-surface water bodies is essential for sustainable development of available water resources. Demand management and adaptation are essential components for improving project flexibility to mitigate with changing environmental conditions. Water use formulations should be based on the terrain data, available water resources, performance of existing water reservoirs and allied factors. Modelling Technology Modelling helps in establishing scientific understanding abd to integrate the various components and processes involved in the surface water and sub-surface water systems. Modelling helps in planning, design, management and operation of complex water resource systems. It acts as a bridge for knowledge transfer between researchers and the policy makers as a basis for testing different scenarios and to integrate planning and management strategies. Sustainability Criteria Sustainable water resources systems are those designed and managed to meet the present demand without posing a threat to the future water availability, while maintaining the ecological, environmental and hydrological integrity. Conjunctive use of surface water and sub-surface
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