Components Of The Olfactory System

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The Olfactory System
The human body is a complex organism that is composed of many different sensory systems. These systems work together to create various sensations within the body. The olfactory system, also known as the sense of smell, is one of the most imperative of all the sensory system. Mammals, both humans and animals, depend greatly on the olfactory system whether it is cognizant or unintentional. Many people fail to realize how much the sense of smell binds to almost every other sense within the body. Many animals depend on the sense of smell as their primary sense. Humans however depend on their vision as their primary sense but that doesn’t mean humans are not dependent of the olfactory system. To get an overall understanding of the olfactory system, it is important to understand how it operates and travels within the body. Each function is vital to the overall production of the sense of smell. It is also important to understand the connection between the olfactory sense and the brain. Damage to any part of the olfactory system can have a big impact on how you perform in your everyday life. A damage as minimal as a congestion can affect your sense of smell that then transfers to the depletion of your taste. In more extreme cases damage can result in disorders such as depression and Alzheimer s disease.
The Components of The Olfactory System Unlike many of the other senses, olfaction is a chemical based sense. The olfaction system job is to

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