Components Of The Performance Management

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Several components of the performance likewise strategic planning and management, accountability of performance, performance auditing and performance measurement were part of undisputed characteristics. In a similar vein, Hood (1991: 4-5) noted several characteristics of the NPM, he outlines seven elements of NPM, whereas points number 2 and 3 are refer to the components of the performance management. 1. Hands on professional management, An active discretionary control of organization by a named individual at the top, which is free to manage. In a simpler words Turner (2002) plead this first elements as ‘letting the managers manage’. 2. Explicit standards and measures of performance, Definition of goals, target, indicators of success in expressed preferably in quantitative terms. 3. Greater emphasis on output controls, Resource allocation and rewards linked to measured performance and the break up of bureaucratic personnel management. 4. Disaggregation of units in the public sector, Unbundling of organisations to create decentralized units operating at ‘arm length’. 5. Greater competition in the public sector, Move to term contracts and public tendering procedures. 6. Stress on public sector style of management practice Move away from traditional public service ethics in terms of hiring and rewards. 7. Stress on greater discipline and parsimony in resource allocation/utilization. Cutting direct cost, boost labour discipline resisting labour demands and limiting
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