Components Of Thermoregulation ( Tm ) Systems And The Latent Thermal Energy Storage ( Ltes )

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Phase change materials are widely used source of thermoregulation (TM) systems and in latent thermal energy storage (LTES). PCMs capability to absorb and release large latent heat during phase change transition processes provides a wide range of phase change temperatures for thermal management systems. The incorporation of PCMs can achieve the same or even better performances with a smaller volume. PCMs can meet the thermoregulation requirements of various applications. Currently, the low thermal conductivity of PCMs (usually less than 1 W mK−1) greatly limits their heat dissipation performance in thermal management applications. Currently main focus of research is to increase the thermal conductivity of the PCMs. In this regard different kinds of materials such as metal and carbon composites with PCMs are produced. The intensive experimental and theoretical investigation are made to improve the performance of PCMs. This paper discusses in detail the fabrication and thermal conductance measurement techniques, and mathematical modeling of PCMs composites. Moreover applications of PCMs in TM and LTES system are also mentioned with examples.
1. Introduction
The ongoing advancement in technology has increased the demand for more integrated and dense circuits, smaller and faster electronic devices are the trend; the requirement of power influx in the systems is also high. The potential risk related to the electronic devices is the inefficient cooling system that creates thermal…
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