Components Of Training And Development

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Organizational development depends significantly on the structural design of training and development practices that are implemented to make necessary changes in its processes (Noe, 2013). Noe (2013) stated, “The design process begins with needs assessment” (p. 113). The needs assessment process is composed of selected evaluation tools that determine that focus on measuring if its developmental processes are engaging employees in a learning experience where skills taught are being implemented and producing desired results (Noe, 2013). I will be discoursing the needs assessment tool selection plan that will evaluate the effectiveness of our school’s training and development program within it organizational framework as it applies to the implementation of instructional technology. According to Noe (2013) there are three main components of the needs assessment process that must be thoroughly considered before the training design process is initiated. The three elements mentioned by Noe (2013) include, “…organizational analysis, person analysis, and task analysis” (p. 121). Within our school the organizational analysis is not the focus of the needs assessment due to their evident disposition to provide resources for trainings, their accessibility to expert trainers and their yearly allotment of professional development days as described by Noe (2013). The focus will, however, will be the person and task analysis, as described by Noe (2013), in order to identify who needs
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