Components Requirements For A Bank Operator

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Task 1: Requirement specification Task1a: Stakeholders, functional and non-functional requirements for the coursework specification: Introduction There are about three stakeholders for the system given in the coursework specification identified by the writer; below is the list of them all, together with their functional requirements. The writer has also identified about four non-functional requirements. a) Bank customer (User) The functional requirements of bank customer are: 1. User Login 2. View balance 3. Withdraw cash 4. Perform deposit b) Bank operator The functional requirements for a bank operator are: 1. System startup 2. System shutdown c) Bank network system The functional requirement for bank network system is 1. Bank session_operation Non-functional requirements for the system are: 1. Reliability 2. Availability 3. Security and 4. Performance Task1b: Requirement specification template: 1 Introduction This is a SRS for automated teller machine in advanced requirement requirements engineering and software architecture module. The template deviates from IEEE standard 830 - 1998. 1.1 Purpose This software requirement specification (SRS) document is written as part of coursework exercise and is intended for the coursework module leader at De Montfort University. Other interested parties for this document can be software developers of the ATM system. 1.2 Scope ATM is a safety-critical and real-time system and is part of a large banking network. The ATM is
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