Components of Expectancy

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Components of Expectancy There are three components of the expectancy theory of motivation which will be explained in this essay. After the three components are explain, the components will be put to use in a real world scenario. The scenario introduces a company that produces a line of branded professional audio products for which they strive to provide the highest quality audio products in the industry. Now let’s get started with explain the three components. The first component is valence that refers to the appeal of a consequence to an individual employee. Salary, job security, benefits, feeling of accomplishment, and advancement. Optimistic or undesirable, valence can differ in size. The scale of valence is how necessary a…show more content…
While employees consider that virtuous presentation appears unrecognized, the incentive to implement at a higher level tends to be small. Consequently superiors need to instill that employees who implement a higher level of performance obtain results that they want that is results with higher encouraging valence. Instrumentality needs to be higher in order for the employees to be driven to achieve anticipated performances at a higher level. The third main feature in the expectancy model is expectancy. An employees awareness about the amount to which his or her hard work will affect a certain degree of work performance. Employees will be inspired to achieve desired actions at a higher level only when they consider they can do so. As per concept, an expectation of one suggests that a worker is certain that his or her work will lead to a definite level of presentation. An expectation of zero concludes that an employee considers there is no possibility that his or her effort will result in positive level of presentation. Expectation is higher when they consider they can actually perform at a higher rate when they perform soundly. Supervisors need to increase motivation if they consider work expectancy is zero. Aiding them and improving their aids and gifts can increase expectancy of workers. Expectancy needs to be great and employees must recognize that when they work hard,

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