Essay on Components of the US Judicial System

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Points I will cover in this essay are :Summery of the US Judicial System,standard organizational system and issues and challenges that faces each component system. The three component of US justice police, courts and corrections organization and administration work diligently and effortless to deliver the optimal fairness to much extent .How the three component of the US justice system deliver fairness is sometimes questionable. The three parts of the criminal justice system operate together under the rule of law and principal means of maintaining the rule of law within society.
Now its time to study each component system's organization and administration: what is the standard organizational structure for police,courts and
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7 Centralization:The extent to which decisions within an organization are concentrated at the top of the hierarchy.
Police Org. structure consists from the following:Highest in ranks from top to bottom.
Chief of police/police commissioner/superintendent/sheriff
Deputy Chief of police/Deputy Commissioner/Deputy Superintendent/undersheriff(Administrators)
Major/deputy inspector
Officer/Deputy Sheriff/corporal
United states courts organizational structure have three dimensions: 1-Local. 2-State. 3-Federal .
Now lets start with state courts, there are three types of courts in state level : State high court(State supreme court,intermediate court (court of appeals) and Lower trial courts such as courts of general jurisdiction and courts of limited jurisdiction.
Federal level of courts: This level have many components and the most important component is US supreme court . The last level and the lowest level in US court system is local courts such as municipal courts and district courts.
The National Institute of Correction (NIC)is the highest correction organization in the country and is administered by a director appointed by U.S. Attorney General.
Organizational structure of NIC is:
U.S. Attorney General
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