Composed Kenyans and Happy-go-Lucky Nigerians Essay

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Composed Kenyans and Happy-go-Lucky Nigerians "You're from Kenya, right?" "No, I'm from Nigeria." "Nigeria, Kenya. Kenya, Nigeria. Same thing." "No, actually they are entirely different countries located at opposite ends of the African continent and contain two very different groups of people." It is amazing how very little some people know about the continent -- not country -- of Africa, let alone the 57 countries within it. Some people have suggested that Kenya and Nigeria are in South America or even Australia. Although Kenya and Nigeria are both African countries, their cultures are quite unlike each other. The food, speech, and methods of interaction…show more content…
Most Kenyans are heavy tea and coffee drinkers and do not consider a meal to be complete without chai. Nigerians generally have a wider variety of food than Kenyans, partly due to the Nigerian tropical climate and vegetation that offers a larger variation of foods in comparison to the mostly dry and unfertile land of Kenya. The common items on the Nigerian menu range from various finger foods to more filling items. The finger foods include chin chin, crunchy little donuts cut into tiny squares about one centimeter long and one centimeter wide, kose, little fried bean cakes with onions and red peppers, suya, kabobs that are generously seasoned with cayenne pepper and staked on sticks between slices of tomatoes, and fried sweet plantains lightly sprinkled with salt. The more filling foods include pounded yams and egusi soup. Yams, the staple crop in Nigeria, are like gigantic potatoes often the length of a grown man's arm. The yams are boiled and then pounded in a mortar to create a dish dissimilar in taste but similar in looks to mashed potatoes. Egusi soup is prepared from a melon seed that is ground into a powder and then combined with palm oil, crayfish, fresh fish, stock fish, spinach leaves, and either chicken or beef. A choice of pounded yam or rice is always offered. Rice in different forms will be prepared: plain white rice with a tomato stew, jollof rice prepared with tomato sauce and carrots, peas, and

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