Composer Report: Ludwig Van Beethoven Essay

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Composer report: Ludwig van Beethoven On 17 December 1770, Ludwig van Beethoven was born. He was an amazing and great classical musical composer. He is known for being the most famous composer of the classical and romantic periods of music. According to the “Enjoyment of Music” manual, Beethoven was born in Bohn, Germany. His father, with his grandfather, was the two singers at the court of a local prince, Friedrich Max. (Forney and Machlis 197). Beethoven began to take an interest in music from an early age. Johann, his father taught him day and night playing music. Unfortunately, Johann had a problem with alcohol and become alcoholic. Johann, who noticed the talent of his son and realized how he was good. Viewing it as Beethoven…show more content…
Beethoven returned to Vienna in 1972 to continue his musical education. Beethoven never returned to his hometown and stayed in Vienna for a while. The in Vienna, Beethoven had valuable lessons from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Hayden, Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, Antonio Salieri, and Aloys Forster. Each of them had taught Beethoven something special. Beethoven quickly adopted a reputation as a great pianist, a child prodigy. Everyone in the music industry has learned to admire Beethoven and his talent. After many personal crises in his life, Beethoven's music reflects his mood. His masterpiece represented struggle followed by triumph. Later, his influence has been worked by the ideals of the Enlightenment, which led him to dedicate the symphony "Erotica" Napoleon. Symphony "Ode to Joy" was estimated at about the brotherhood of humanity. His works are admired for their intellectual depth, intense expression, and experimental forms. It is considered one of the greatest minds of humanity. His work was ambitious head of the transition between eras of classical and romantic music led Beethoven's life of a child to an adult. A overcame alcoholic father; the death of his mother did not, and has provided a way to support his family. He carried through personal crises, including the loss of his hearing and earned him critical acclaim in social circles. His

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