Composite Material Systems

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1.1 Definition
The terminology “composites” extensively advert to a material system composed of the following:
• A discrete constituent ( reinforcement)
• A continuous phase(Matrix).
Thus, generally a composite can be termed as a material composed of a discrete constituent distributed in a continuous phase and derives its distinguishing characteristics form the properties of the constituents , from the spatial shape and the design of the constituents, and from the properties of the interfaces between different constituents.

1.2 Classification Composites on the basis of the physical or chemical nature of the matrix phase are usually classified as:
• Metal- Matrix Composites (MMC’s)
• Polymer- Matrix Composites (PMC’s)
• Ceramic – Matrix Composites (CMC’s)

1.2.1 Metal- Matrix Composites (MMC’s): Metal- matrix composite structure is specifically the term for metal alloy and the material in the form of strengthening. The matrix is percolating soft part commonly having exquisitely the following :
2. Tensile strength
3. Hardness
4. Ductility
5. Thermal conductivity
6. Toughness For metal- matrix light metal composite materials are stirred with light metal alloys. For the purpose of solidification powder alloys conferred mainly for the production of metal – matrix.
1.2.2 Polymer- Matrix Composited (PMC’s) : These are particulate composites fibered by dispersing the particles of varied geometry, layered composites build –up with parallel layers of two
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