Composite in Aircraft Manufacturing

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Composite used in aircraft manufacturing for small scale industries INTRODUCTION In the revolution of high technology of aircraft industrial world has came because of composite materials. It is due to the main property of highly effective and efficient material which is leads to advanced ones. In world of business, customer satisfaction is the most important thing which has become a great need now a day. As innovation going on in the field of composites, the demand of these materials has increased because of higher lighter in weight, less expensive, stronger, durable which helped aircraft industries to achieve their respective goals. In the field of research and development, the scientist has proved that the use of composite materials in the aircraft has made them efficient which also further used in the field of defense industries. The composite materials are made from two or more constituent materials with respective different chemical and physical properties, if we mix these materials with each other then we will get a different material with respective different properties. This kind of material can be used for more purposes such as flexibility, strength, durability, and so on. The composite materials has become famous in the middle of the nineteenth century in the manufacturing of aircraft field. Comparatively, the fiber glass material was used at great quantity because of number of characteristics such as light weight, less expensive, lesser corrosive, and so
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