Composition Of Board Of Directors

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Corporate Governance Structure

Composition of Board of Directors
There are 22 total Air Canada Executives, an overview of their biographies are included in Appendix #2. There are total 11 directors that make up the Board of Directors (Air Canada Annual information Form, 2016). Their names and municipality, principal occupation and date since they become directors are in Appendix #3.

Top Officers
There are total 24 top officers currently work at Air Canada (Air Canada Annual Information form, 2016). Details regarding their names and residence, positions in Air Canada and since when they become officers are in Appendix #3.

Composition of Air Canada’s Audit Committee
Audit Committee of Air Canada consists of four members (Air Canada Annual Information Form, 2016) Titles and experiences are in Appendix #4
Members: Christie J.B. Clark, Corporate Director. David I. Richardson, Corporate Director. Vagn Sørensen, Corporate Director. Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO of NRStor Inc.
Composition of Air Canada’s Pension Committee
Members: Micheal M. Green (Chair) Jean Marc Huot Joseph B. Leonard Roy J. Romanow Micheal M. Wilson

Composition of Governance and Corporate Matters Committee
Members: Annette Verschuren…
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