Comprehensive Aap

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WWTC Comprehensive AAP Executive Summary The comprehensive visions for the World-Wide Trading Company (WWTC), an aggressively growing online broker firm, is to increase revenue from 10 billion to 40 billion and reduce operating costs from 30 to 15 percent by the year 2018. The key to gains in exponential growth and revenue was addressed by the leased office location in the notoriously known broker/financial capital of the United States, Wall Street, New York City, New York. WWTC encompasses a staff of 9,000 trained employees scattered across the globe. The World-Wide Trading Company’s corporate headquarters will remain in Hong Kong, while The New York office will be used as an international extension. This office will house…show more content…
Security modules (firewalls, anti-virus servers) will reside within the WWTC network that will provide intrusion detection and protection from malicious cyber-attacks. They will also filter the traffic entering or exiting the intranet. Aggregate networking devices such as routers and switches will provide connectivity to all users within the organization. The server farm will provide the local domain services to the staff and allow users to access necessary resources like data and video. Voice services will also be provided by Cisco Call Managers. Once complete, the network will have global reachability and be modularly engineered. Provide scalability in the event that the organization expands is a focal point in order to eliminate the need to completely reconfigure the network in the foreseeable future. Design Requirements We will be covering a wide variety of the earlier proposed design requirements. Starting from the ground up, an overhaul and reformation of the current standards will be performed. After a thorough site survey of the current architecture, a new plan of action which covers everything from business goals, local area network design, voice over IP, wireless, security, and active directory will be covered below. Local Area Network design WWTC’s new and improved network will be managed by collective, centralized servers, making the new network a globally accessible network.
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