Comprehensive Busines Goverance Plan

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Comprehensive Business Governance Plan Georgia A. Jackson-Thompson University of Phoenix Political Acumen and Ethics PHL 736 John Fossum March 25, 2013 Comprehensive Business Governance Plan Bienvenidos is a nonprofit organization developing from a small organizational structure to middle to large organization with revenues and supports totaling $15,500.383, that consist of 90.3% in program services and 9.7% in support (Bienvenidos Website, 2013, Annual Report). Over 25 years ago, Bienvenidos began providing services throughout the Los Angeles Counties and continues to develop new services as needed. The organization …show more content…
The governance plan will provide a strategy for implementation and preliminary structure to facilitate the plan if adopted by Bienvenidos executive team. Importance and benefits of the governance plan for Bienvenidos The non-profit [Spell as one word without hyphen] governance plan a function that provides standards and guidelines for a structured board of directors (McCambridge, 2004; Renz, 2013) and controls the organization to meet stakeholders and business goal (Goergen, 2012). To further explain governance, it is the manner in which decision-making is processed based [Passive voice ] on the approved and established mission, values, and vision. Bienvenidos mission, values, and vision are as follows: Mission
“Bienvenidos is a compassionate community of care dedicated to healing children, strengthening families, and transforming communities Vision
The vision is of a society in which every family can provide a loving, healthy, and secure home where children can grow and thrive. Values
Bienvenidos strives to commit to providing the highest quality services to the most vulnerable children and their families in the Los Angeles area. Our strength is the result of the team effort of our employees, our volunteer leadership, our funders, and our program participants in the highest regard (Bienvenidos Website, 2013). Leaders should take pride in
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