Comprehensive Classroom Tech Plan Essay

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hGrand Canyon University 13 Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Tabitha Garcia Grand Canyon University 13 Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Tabitha Garcia Tabitha Garcia EDU 225 March 31, 2013 Dr. Howard Janoff Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Outline i. Vision and Mission Statements and Rationale ii. Communications Plan iii. Integrating Instructional Technology iv. Software to Support Assessment v. Technology Ethics in the Classroom vi. Conclusion Section One: Mission statement * To inspire and motive the youth of our nation into become productive and responsible adults. I plan to do this by making sure they contribute to their intellectual, academic, and cultural…show more content…
When it comes to alternative methods of communication, the first thing I think of is the assistive technologies that are in-place for children with disabilities. One interest of mine is to learn ASL (American Sign Language). This can be considered a form or alternative communication. “ASL is a complete form of communication, according to the National Institutes of Health. Thoughts and ideas are transmitted through hand signs, facial expressions and body movement. There are many forms of ASL there is British and French sign languages that are used throughout the world” (Dunlap, 2011). There are communication access real-time translation or CART this provides another form of communication. “This is when words are spoken, a CART provider, or translator, types them on the computer for a deaf or hearing-impaired person to read” (Dunlap, 2011). There are also assistive listening devices, which are technology aids, the deaf and hard of hearing in many ways. “Assistive listening devices or ALD’s help people hear better in cases of background noise or bad acoustics” (Dunlap, 2011). There are visual systems and picture dictionaries, both the visual systems and the picture dictionaries can aid in communication. It is where texts and telephone conversations are typed instead of spoken. With the picture dictionary people or students, make use of the pictures to initiate communication and make request. These above-mentioned services
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