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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan Grand Canyon University EDU-225 Instructional Technology Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan (Benchmark) Mission It is my mission to become an educator with the proficiency, knowledge and resources to encourage academic excellence and provide the opportunity for students to enhance their educational practice and to increase their intellectual productivity through technology. I will provide sufficient resources to encourage the use of technology across the curriculum. My mission as a teacher is to significantly improve and develop the lives of the students I teach. My classroom will be an example of high integrity and…show more content…
By using social media this way in the classroom, students can unite with other cultures and societies to become more aware of the world. Although many households do have access to computers, there are some families who would prefer to communicate the “old fashioned” or traditional way. For those families a class newsletter, phone call, written note or face to face communication can increase the level of two-way communication. It may also be a practical way to inform parents of future events and classroom endeavors. Parents are busy people and being sensitive to their time is essential. Phone calls and written communication to parents will be simple and straightforward. Also sensitivity to cultural differences can support the goal of communicating with multicultural families. When communicating to bilingual and multiethnic families it would be optimal for me to have the materials, whether its notes, phone calls or newsletters translated into their native language. Since many parents are guarded when they receive a note or phone call from their child’s teacher, I will implement a plan to send home letters of commendation and support to enhance the communication with the student’s family. No matter what type of communication is used letting parents know immediately if there are any concerns will aid in working together to prevent potential problems. Integrating Instructional
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