Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan For Student Engagement And Participation Essay

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Incorporating technology in the classroom is a leading trend among educators in the 21st century. Teacher use classroom websites, technology tools, and online web assessments to keep parents and students informed, improve instruction, and individualize learning. Using technology to support communication helps keep both students and parents informed on what is happening in the classroom and the students’ academic progress. Integrating technology in the classroom helps increase student engagement and participation. Students use technology tools to help reinforce instruction and teachers may use it as a form of remediation. Technology can also help with differentiating instruction with the use of online assessments. Incorporating technology in the classroom can increase students’ success in the classroom and beyond.
Section One: Mission and Vision Statement
Vision: Students in the 6th grade will use technology in the classroom to foster learning, provide assessments, and promote collaboration. The technology used will enhance 21st century technology skills and provide an engaging learning environment where the student can be successful.
Mission: The use of technology in education is influential to a student’s success. Students will use technology to research topics and take assessments in the classroom. Collaboration among groups will also take place in the classroom, where critical thinking skills, problem solving, and
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