Comprehensive Gang And Delinquency Prevention Programs

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These comprehensive gang and delinquency prevention programs uses different techniques and to direct youth to positive alternatives. It begins at the local level by using community leaders and Club staff to discuss local gang issues, design a community-strategy and clarify each organization’s or person’s role in providing services to the youth. Meanwhile on the local level, through the system of courts, police, other juvenile justice agencies, schools, social service agencies and community organizations, also through direct outreach efforts. Young people identified as at-risk will be recruited and placed into Boys & Girls Club program that acts as a diversion from anti-social gang activity. The Big Brother Big Sister, is the coordinator…show more content…
Effective reentry and or aftercare programs start before a youth leaves the facility and have the support of the family along with the community. Some of these programs include intensive after care model which is an intensive community-based research and demonstration initiative supported by (OJJDP) Office of juvenile justice and juvenile prevention. The IAP model seeks to reduce recidivism among juvenile delinquents by better preparing them for release into the community, to readjust to real life and know what to expect and what not to expect to not panic when something doesn’t go right. IAP is based on data from research that shows a highly structured and enhanced transition from confinement to the community which would benefit parolees in areas such as family, peer relations, education, jobs, substance abuse, mental health, and recidivism without negatively affecting the community. Florida environmental institute, The model of the FEI program seeks to reduce recidivism by focusing on educational and vocational skills. Structurally, the program consists of three graduated phases (each with several levels), through which participants progress until they are released from the program. The three phases of the FEI program are split according to the degree of restriction. The phases range from a highly supervised rural setting in phase I to a
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