Comprehensive Plan for Facilities Management

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Universities are characterized with an extreme sense of pride in both their facilities and their student body. Each year, universities attempt to flaunt their superiority in regards to their peers by erecting larger and more prominent facilities. These facilities ultimately showcase the importance of the university and its desire to become elite. Recreational facilities are no different in this regard. Universities continue to erect larger facilities in hopes of accommodating a growing student population. They also want to better service these students by providing the best equipment to achieve their desired fitness and leisure results. In order for a facilities vision to come to fruition however, a tactical plan must be devised. This comprehensive plan is a broad overview of the facilities purpose, funding requirements, how it will be established, and to whom it will serve. This blueprint helps guide all stakeholder groups involved within the project from inception to completion. The comprehensive plan also describes in detail the aspirations and objectives of the facility. Finally, the plan helps dictate actions such as land use, construction policy, safety issues and more. With my knowledge of facilities management, my comprehensive plan would first encompass the value proposition of the facility in regards to the overall university. Each year, the university has projects it would like to undertake. However, due in part to the limiting nature of funding, some projects
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