Comprehensive Program For Advising, Guiding, And Counseling Services

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Comprehensive Program for Advising, Guiding and Counseling Services The school districts I interviewed were in the Miami-Dade County and Hillsborough County areas of Southern California. Interviewing high level administrators, faculty, and staff members about how they took advantage of the counseling and guidance services to create a healthy and well-balanced learning environment for their kids was an enlightening process. Many of the educational leaders cited the work of Frederick Leong, when explaining how they valued the necessity of counseling and advising. Students have developmental issues outside of the demands of academia: "According to the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), school counselors accepts responsibility for helping children and adolescents make age- or grade- appropriate progress, in their personal, social, educational and career development. School counselors also assist children and adolescents who present different degrees of need for special help in these areas needing help with developmental issues and issues inherent to their own circumstances. These special issues may arise when children or adolescents are unable to accomplish developmental tasks or when circumstantial obstacles interfere with their progress" (Leong, 2008). One of the administrators that I spoke with explained how certain classic examples of these phenomena occurs in their district all the time, such as the teenager who would rather hang out with friends than come

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