Comprehensive Staffing Plan

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Comprehensive Staffing Plan: As the director of human resources in a privately-held, mid-sized engineering and manufacturing firm, one of the most important roles is to develop a comprehensive staffing plan. The staffing plan for this organization should provide details about the strategies to recruit, hire and provide on-boarding activities for 20 new engineers within eight months. The preparation of the comprehensive staffing plan for this firm would require critical consideration because of the location of the company. The engineering and manufacturing organization is situated in a southwestern city with larger than average percentage of individuals receiving several forms of public assistance. In addition to having a school system that is ranked as one of the lowest across the country, the southwestern city has a lower than average number of college graduates. These statistics regarding the city makes the preparation of a staffing plan to be a process that requires critical consideration. Recruiting Strategy: In the preparation and development of an appropriate recruiting for this organization, it's not only important to employ people with the necessary skills, knowledge, and behavior but it's also important to recruit individuals who fit with the organization's culture (Weyland, 2011). Since knowledge and skills are likely to become redundant in the long run, the most enduring aspect of every employment relationship is cultural fit since it enables both parties
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