Comprehensive Structure and Process of Human Resource Planning

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Table of Contents

Term of Reference

Executive Summary

Company profile

„P Nature of Recruitment
„P Objectives of recruitment
„P Job vacancies
„P Recruitment Methods

„P Selection Criteria
„P Selection methods
„P Evaluation of the selection process

„P Nature of Retention
„P Turnover analysis
„P Retention strategies

„P Nature of reward
„P Objectives of the reward system
„P Reward determination
„P Types of reward system
„P Performance Management

Training and Development
„P Nature of Training and development
„P Objective of Training and Development
„P Training and Development process
„P The
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This report will first analyze the company profile, with using SWTO (Strength, Weakness, Threat and Opportunities) analyze company¡¦s current situation. Further introduce the first step of human resource planning, Recruitment. With identifying the personnel required for the company and the process method. Follow by recommending appropriate selection method. In third section will analyze the purpose and strategies on retaining staffs, which will lead to the fourth section of rewarding for the staffs; this includes analyse of rewards system and performance management. In the fifth section will discuss the objective and the effectiveness of training and development for the employees; analyse the steps of finding best strategies in training staffs in order to maintain company¡¦s competitive advantages. Finally offers conclusions.

Company profile
Widgets Unlimited is one of local hi-tech manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom. It specializes in producing artificially simulate products by using Virtual Reality technology. Virtual Reality is a wide rage technology, where in reality its application can be used in recreational games, educational and training - industrial and medical. Widgets Unlimited has been developed over several years; in building up its customer group and set good reputation. Widgets Unlimited continues to generate innovative technological breakthroughs to

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