Comps Of Disneyland And Its Offerings

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April Bullard
Professor Joshua Hussey
English 1101
14 September 2017
Disneyland and its Offerings
This is the place where every kid begs to go. This is the place where adults enjoy going also. It’s the place “where dreams come true”, Disneyland. Located in Anaheim, California, this popular amusement park is known all over the world for its entertainment, park rides, Disney characters, and so much more. Here, children laugh and play while adults enjoy tours or spend the day at the spa. Either way, both parties will experience the time of their lives. There is so much scenery for the eyes to enjoy here. From the bright lights, to the extravagant decorations, and to the tall castle buildings; its elaborate factors cease to exist. This is what sets Disneyland apart from its fellow amusement parks. The park continues to grow with new things each year. There are so many awesome things that Disneyland rewards us with.
This “tourist attraction” was founded by Walt Disney in 1955 (Disneyland Amusement Park). When this amusement park was first created it wasn’t like other amusement parks at the time. Unlike traditional parks, Walt Disney had a vision of not just having rides but making it a place where Disneyland is known for its entertainment also. Walt Disney was a “cartoon genius” (Disneyland Amusement Park). A lot of his works, most popular being Mickey Mouse, were brought into the theme of the park. Bringing cartoons like “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” to the amusement park brought in joy. While walking through the park one may encounter costumes of, Tinker Bell and other Disney characters. For children and adults, seeing these cartoon characters depicted in real life, reminds one of happier times. This stood as a trademark for Disneyland. An atmosphere of “optimism, patriotism, and fun” are three of the many goals Walt Disney set to achieve (Disneyland’s History). With this in mind things needed to be fixed and changes needed to be made. When the parked opened up in 1955, there were many speculations that the heavy investment Disney put in to the park would not be “beneficial in return” (Disneyland Amusement Park). Walt Disney spent a lot of money on his vision. Disney projected that he would need “eleven

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