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Using Information and Information Technology in Policing

Information Technology (IT) is the technology side of an information system. In order for police departments to be able to manage their resources in combating crime in their areas they will have to adapt to new technologies. One of these technologies is CompStat which stands for comparative statistics. CompStat made its first appearance in 1994 in New York City. Since then many police departments have implemented the CompStat system.
Once a police officer makes an arrest they have to fill out a report. This report must be as accurate as possible because the information that is obtained from this report will be entered into the CompStat system. The CompStat system has
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There are four basic principles that allow them to respond to crime faster. These principles are timely an accurate intelligence, along with effective tactics, rapid deployment, relentless follow-up and assessment. These four basic principles have to happen on a continuous basis in order for the whole system to be effective. This is why management must play a key role in the use, and implementation of CompStat. This is one of the main differences between private enterprise and the public sector is the bottom line of positive returns. If a business implements an unsuccessful strategy or provides an unacceptable level of customer service, it is not long before it becomes a failed business. Much like a business, the bottom line with CompStat is results. (Shawnee P.D. 2012)
CompStat has much strength in preventive policing. Some of these strengths are being able to predict where and when crimes will be committed, and as a result of this it allows police department to allocate the proper resources to deal with the crime. This is very important because it saves time and money on these resources, and allows for more effective policing. These strengths help the police departments in other ways as well. Police departments have to operate inside of a budget, and this has an effect on manpower, operations, and resources. CompStat will help them with their bottom line
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