Compulsive Eating Model

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Compulsive eating and other related eating disorders have a lot in common with drug addiction: both are based on reward processes, include compulsive elements (binge eating vs. binge drug intake), can be described as chronic diseases with high risk of relapse and both share a marked lack of sensitivity to behavioural and pharmacological therapies (for review see Wilson 1993). Among the different models existing for assessing eating disorders (West and York 1998, Tschöp and Heiman 2001, Corwin and Buda-Levin 2004), there is currently no single "gold standard" model or test battery for compulsive behaviour. Models evaluating the compulsive component of eating disorders in rodent by distinguishing between reward-related, energy-related and compulsion-related factors in eating control, may represent a valuable tool in the preclinical search for new pharmaco-therapeutic…show more content…
Meal pattern Analysis represents an analytical examination of the distribution of the drinking and feeding episodes over the light-dark cycle and was shown to be altered in several animal models of obesity (Clifton 200, Moran 2003, Cottone et al. 2007). A meal is generally defined by the association of the different intake bouts separated by less than a determined inter-meal interval. Meal pattern analysis provides information about meal number, meal duration, meal size, intermeal interval, eating rate and satiety ratio (Le Magnen and Devos 1980, Moran 2003, Zorilla et al. 2005). The study of feeding pattern is now considered as an indispensable parameter to be evaluated for understanding the principles governing ingesting behaviour and his lost of control (Geary, 2005). At present, if the equipment and tools available for the study of drug consumption
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