Compulsory Covering Cases

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This essay is going to explain under which circumstances a healthcare professional whether doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant is justified in disclosing confidential information to a third party without the consent of the patient it relates to. Also, discussing the legal laws and acts that make this possible and a description of what these laws and acts mean and are about. Covering cases were some of these laws and acts have been used. Lastly giving information on which third parties whether it be people, companies or authorities who can request to see your details without the consent of patient, however the healthcare professional must do as requested by these third party. There are many situations where health professionals must give out information to third parties to comply with them, they must give the information out in these certain situations which are show below. Compulsory disclosure is when confidential information or medical records is required by law or by a governing act, the doctor in question has no choice but to comply with the request, and compulsory disclosure can be mandated if needed.…show more content…
The court refused to make the order’. The reasoning behind the court’s decision was because it’s in the public’s interest that people feel free to report to which ever authorities they feel they need to protecting young children. The court just over ruled the plaintiff’s interest in finding out her accuser. As written by (Brazier & Cave, 2016) ‘there will be some cases where the courts will refuse to help a third party seeking to discover who gave damaging information about him or her to the authorities, sometimes interest outweighs the private rights of the affected
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