Computer Advancement Of Computer Technology

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It seems that the advances of today are moving far more rapidly than people have ever thought about. The only question is that how much farther can we go in the advancement of computer technology to support people. One of the ways to support people is in the area of Firefighting. In this field the firemen with help of computers is allowed to help civilians when they are in need. The job of now is becoming a little safer to do because of newly advances by computers in the firefighting field. Three important ways computers have contributed is in the ways firemen can refine their own personal knowledge of the job, personal protective equipment (PPE), and one of the tools invented to locate people.

The topic for computer advancement, is of a field that is one of the most critical services given to people. Why? It is one of most demanding jobs because of what the fireman actually does. In most senses his or her job is not to only fight fires, but also to search out for life within the fire, administer aid if needed, along with the searching for clues to what might have been the cause for the accident or blaze. The Fireman combines the work ethic of not only his or her job, but along with knowledge of a nurse and police officer. True, he or she does not always play a role on the other areas besides fighting fires, but they have to be able to pick-up where ever they are needed in whatever role. In order to broaden the knowledge of the firemen, it is most commonly done through new…
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