Computer Aided Design ( Cad )

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Introduction Computer Aided Design (CAD) has revolutionized the way that we design and manufacture products. Before software was created to assist with drafting and design, engineers would draw the designs by hand using drawing boards. These drawing boards have a variety of tools to assist the engineer drawing, including a try square, multiple stencils for accurate shapes, and many other tools. However, these drawings would take a large quantity of time to make; really detailed drawings could potentially take months to draw. This is one of the biggest advantages of CAD over drawing boards; it allows engineers to create drawings in a fraction of the time with minimal work. CAD is now being used in a large number of manufacturing…show more content…
It also allows designers to be very flexible with their designs, allowing multiple prototypes to be relatively quickly. Especially with the help of CAM, prototypes are able to be made out of a cheaper material to test things like structural integrity. Reduction in Drawing and Production Errors CAD has greatly reduced the amount of drawing and production errors. This is due to CAD programs allowing quick fixes to be made very quick and easily. For example, if one of the dimensions of a shape is incorrect, they can be easily edited to be what they should be. CAD also gives a variety of tools to prevent errors in the first place including, dimension tools, interference analysers, etc. Ease of Manufacturing The ease of manufacturing has increased a large amount, due to CAD and CAM. CAM allows the user to simply import a CAD document, select the desired settings and then the machine does the rest of the hard work. This allows companies to create products at an increased rate, whilst also retaining quality. It also allows for prototypes to be manufactured easily, meaning designing is more flexible. Drawing Speed and Accuracy Drawing speed and accuracy has improved due to CAD. This is because CAD is much more efficient, since instead of using a variety of tools like try squares, stencils, etc., CAD allows these things to be done at the touch of a few buttons. It is also far more accurate,
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