Computer-Aided Examination System

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This document is meant for describing all the features and procedures that were followed while developing the system. This document specially mentions the details of the project how it was developed, the primary requirement, as well as various features and functionalities of the project and the procedures followed in achieving these objectives. Computer Aided Examination System forms the lifeline of the Educational Institutes to the functioning of the Examination. It is very essential for an Institute to handle the Examinations and their results. It is very useful for an Institute to test its students continuously for their mutual development. This system is helpful for conducting (M.C) Multiple Choice Examinations which can be
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You need not travel lot of time to go to the venue of the examination, if you want to take an exam there while living in your home. Web based exam are becoming more and more popular with many international institutes giving degree on a global level. The Computer Aided Examination System has many benefits from being eco-friendly, rapid, error free and gives optimum results in the matter of few minutes.
Exams through internet are simple and easy for both the groups involved. The student submits the e-test after replying to all the mentioned questions through a computer. The Examination Software is coded in such a way that it will contain the correct answers for each of these questions to give a perfect evaluation. Once this is done the scores are provided to the institute by the system in a short period. No professors are required for analyzing the answers to each of these question papers. These Web Based Exam save a lot of time and money.
Different adjustable modules are provided in the software system for details like student information, subject, number and pattern of questions set by authority and an evaluation system along with result providing module.
Best suited for multiple choice questions this online Exams Software can also be used for some derivative questions. Based on the replies of the student and the preset scoring technique the evaluation will be performed to find out the results. Data of number of questions answered and
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