Computer Aided Instruction

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Chapter I

Background of the study The way the class was maneuver where depended on the teacher who utilizes it. Hence, whatever the technique and style of the teachers in teaching was always the crucial point. No wonder, many teachers were now trying to innovate the old learning styles and replacing it with new and more fun techniques like the Computer Aided Instruction (CAI).
Despite the revolutionary advances in the field of computer-based education, technology remains simply a tool. Potentially powerful and stimulating, the computer is only an inert object that can never be a substitute for the personal touch of the classroom teacher. Without proper integration of computers into the curriculum, the benefits of
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4. Lack of graphic diagram that could aid in identifying the parts of the body.

The motivation of the developers to create and develop software is grounded on the solution to the problems specified by the respondents. It provides information to help or encourage students’ interaction in the classroom discussion to be presented in a multimedia format which includes videos, animations and sound effects. The project aims to aid instructors and modernized its way of teaching such as computers with multimedia simulation to catch the student’s attention in class.

Objectives of the Project
General Objective The main objective of the study is to develop an Interactive Computer-Aided Instruction (CAI) for Basic Proficiency Learning for Pre-School Kinder-ll Level of Daniel M. Perez Central Elementary School.

Specific Objectives:
1. Provide the capability to authen
2. ticate authorized user.
1.1 Sensitivity of password as part of the security posture.
3. Provide an effective handling of student record.
3.1 Provide verification control on the data added.
4. Provide the ability to manage class.
4.1 Allow adding of class lesson by subject.
4.2 Able to upload still image and video.
4.3 Provides confirmation control to restrict unauthorized access and free from human error.
5. Provide the capability to administer time-bounded activities.
5.1 Allows adding of questions its answers and duration of activities.
6. Provide embedded videos in learning rhymes.
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